MoMAnt develops its exposition choosing painting expression like its main subject. This innovative feature makes the event an important appointment in the national panorama.

MoMAnt, sponsored by Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna and patronized by Carpi city hall, is the one which favours ancient painting hosting the most important national and international galleries.

Cultural vocation is the additional value that characterizes and diversifies this market exposition.
MoMAnt and Palazzo Dei Pio Museums will pursue the common intention to increase the value of the city artistic heritage and the value of the works of art collected.
To achieve this important purpose the organization provided to organize some collateral events during MoMAnt. Collater events will deal the visitors to discover some private collections and to take part in some deeping moments directed by experts about antique trade aspects and expecially painting.

MoMAnt can be defined like a cultural and also commercial event because of its original base idea, the carefully choise of the exhibitors and the prestige venue.
MoMAnt will respect the tradition that in the past saw the exibition venue collocated in historical palace. This aspect is intended to make appassionate and young pubblic interested about those kind of cultural moments.

Sponsor 2009
bper blumarine
arbe hydroplants

Under the aegis of: Confindustria Modena, Comune di Carpi